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1 Overview

Outrun pre-configures an update repository and runs daily updates in the background (via cron). It's important to ALWAYS run the update process to fix any open issues.

In some cases you might run into problems with updating - some troubleshooting tips can be found below.

2 Running updates

Method 1
Using the menu: main -> System -> Update
Method 2
Command-line alias:
Note that this alias calls 'outrun-rpms update' and only updates from the outrun repositories
Method 3
Direct YUM command:
# Update system
yum update
# Without asking for confirmation
yum update -y
# Note that this also tries to update from all other repositories
Method 4
Wait for the daily "outrun-update" cron job to do the update in the background.

3 Updating on restricted networks

Updating requires http access to the outrun.nl website. Some networks have restrictions:

Proxy server required
Refer to Configuring HTTP proxy
Completely isolated network
Requires you to set up a patch staging server. Documentation TBD.

4 Troubleshooting

# Running out of space:
# Try removing old kernels
package-cleanup --oldkernels --count=1

# Fixing broken updates

# Disabling daily updates
outrun-jobs disable outrunupdate