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Things that are on my to-do list for Outrun (either by update or new version):

  1. More documentation (on the wiki)
  2. Oracle RAC support
  3. Template option for Oracle software binaries (so that you don't have to run the installer for each system)
  4. Managing IO queue depths
  5. More sophisticated pre-configured database profiles
  6. asm script option to remove missing volumes
  7. List tool for active automount maps
  8. A script feature that allows re-ordering of command-line parameters
  9. Mail-home feature to automatically mail the system config and logfiles to the Outrun website in case you want to report a problem

Things worth consideration:

  1. Changing the very ugly dialog menu to something more sophisticated
  2. Support for DBaaS management via Puppet
  3. Dynamic enabling/disabling/showing Oracle enabled features