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1 Overview

The Outrun Extras YUM repository provides a few RPM packages that don't require the entire Outrun system so they can be installed on any EL6 Linux distro.

The repo is currently hosted on outrun.nl from this location

It is a subtree of the full outrun release so if you have Outrun (outrun-release) installed then this package set is automatically included.

2 Setting up Outrun Extras

  • Make sure you run a version of Enterprise Linux 6, i.e. Red Hat, Oracle or Centos, 6.3 or higher (EL 7 not yet supported)
  • Run the command:
yum install http://yum.outrun.nl/outrun-extras.rpm

3 Migrating from older repositories

The old repository contains an update so it will automatically replace the old definitions with the new ones.

  • Run yum update
  • Verify you have "outrun-extras" as repository enabled: yum repolist outrun-extras

4 List available packages

yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo=outrun-extras list available

5 More info on a package

As an example for "asmdisks": yum info asmdisks

6 Single scripts

Some scripts, tools and images can be found here (just one for now) Download

7 Disclaimer

Of course the usual Disclaimers apply to any of my programs - I created them with the best effort but I cannot guarantee them to be free of bugs or other problems. Use at your own risk.