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1 Overview

You can setup a site specific local YUM repository defined as "outrun-local". The packages in this repository will be installed during post-install when you install Outrun using the PXE install method.

Refer to the configuration file /etc/outrun/kickstart.conf for more information.

Make sure the packages you specify do not require dependencies that are not available during installation time, otherwise the post-install phase will fail.

Note that the outrun-local repo does NOT check for valid GPG security signatures - so anyone who has access to create RPM packages in this repo can influence the security of your installed system. This is usually not a problem because the creation of the local repository is restricted to the root user.

2 Tips & Tricks

You can create a custom RPM package using any name - you may want to choose something like outrun-example-local-<version>.rpm - where this package has contents such as:

Sets a custom login message if you login via SSH
RPM scripts
Install scripts that setup special users, groups or other stuff
A file that sets up a CIFS (Windows) share for the automounter
A file that sets up an NFS share for the automounter
Custom sudoers settings that you want to use
Anything else you like to add