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1 Intro

lightdns is a tool that manages DNS (bind) and optionally DHCP (dhcpd), using SQLite to store DNS data.

It keeps all DNS and DHCP data in a single SQLite database and generates all configuration & zone files from there. It is intended to manage subnets with mostly IPv4 host definitions only. For a larger or more complex DNS setup it’s recommended to look at PowerDNS or other alternatives.

lightdns provides a CLI interface for easy adding/deleting/updating DNS records without having to manually edit zone files. The use of DHCP is optional. MAC hardware addresses can be stored in the database such that hosts get the same static IP address but the IP registration is still centrally managed.

1.1 Installation

How to install:

  1. Set up the Outrun-Extras YUM repository (if you haven't already done this)
  2. Install the "lightdns" package:
    yum install lightdns

1.2 Documentation

# help:
lightdns -?

# Man page:
man lightdns